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POEM I WROTE 10/23/2012 7:46pm


I watch as the blood runs from my arm,
Onto this paper it will leave a mark,
On my arm a scar,
So that I will always remember why,
Why I did what I did,
I tried so hard not too,
But its like it called to me,
And it felt so good, it relaxed me,
Now the rain starts to fall,
The sky has filled with dark clouds,
My heart beat starts to slow,
Everything feels so different now,
My eyes fill with tears of blood,
I feel at peace now,
My life is slipping away,
And no one seems to care, or notice,
About me or what I do,
I lay here and cry while everyone sleeps,
I don’t think I can hang on no more,
From the darkness my name is called,
And to it I must go,
It’s getting colder now,
I don’t feel much anymore,

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About allielynch417

Hello. My name is Allie Lambert. I am an anxiety ridden, depressed teenager who is madly in love with my boyfriend. my friends all left m, so I'm trying to get knew friends as well as keep myself busy.

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